VenEthos Ensemble 

Giacomo Catana - violin
Mauro Spinazzè - violin
Francesco Lovato - viola
Massimo Raccanelli - cello

The VenEthos Ensemble was founded in Treviso in 2016 by four musicians who share not only a profound friendship over a number of years but also a common desire to offer a new reading of the quartet repertoire of the 18th and 19th centuries on period instruments.

The name of the ensemble refers both to the geographical origin of the quartet’s members and, more specifically, to the great tradition of Venetian strings music from which the musicians came and which confers on the group a strong stylistic identity and to the “ethos” of Greek philosophy, which gave birth to the theory of music’s influence on the human psyche and emotions.

VenEthos is regularly invited to give concerts in Italy and in other countries for the most prestigious music societies, alongside artists such as Andrea Marcon and Giuliano Carmignola. VenEthos Ensemble is member of cultural networks “Le Dimore del Quartetto” and "European Mozart Ways".

The CD “Mozart: The Milanese Quartets - Lodi Quartet” released by Arcana-Outhere Music has been awarded with the “Diapason découverte” by the reknown French music magazine DIAPASON.

VenEthos Ensemble plays on instruments made by the violinmaker Franco Simeoni.